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Talkoot is the ultimate social platform for traders and investors. Discover the trending stocks and news around you. Share stock ideas and discuss in real-time. Learn and profit from the best in community!

The key to your stock market Success

Do you find yourself guessing how your stocks will fare on the result day? Why markets sold off after getting that elusive rate cut? Is this the good time to double up on your investments? What is the best stock to day trade today? Join Talkoot today and:

  • Follow your favourite stocks and community leaders
  • A financial feed tailored just for you - find when to buy, sell or average your stocks
  • Invite your friends and get points as rewards
  • Exchange the points to chat real-time with community leaders
  • Check the leaders reputation and past record before deciding to follow the idea
  • Follow winning ideas and succeed

And the community for the stock Enthusiasts

Live, breath and eat stock market? We at Talkoot believe that there are many like you who have invested years of time and energy in learning the market. Your experience has helped you get pulse of the market. Help our community learn and get rewarded in the process!

  • Share stock ideas with others and build your reputation with each successful idea
  • Gain more followers as you build your reputation
  • Followers lead to requests for advice. Earn points for each successful advice given
  • Exchange your points for real cash!

Talkoot App is now available on Google Play.

Talkoot's users

New investors

Saurabh has recently joined Infosys from college. He invests a portion of his savings into stocks for long term wealth creation. He uses Talkoot to follow stock market and learn stock picking from community leaders.

Long term investors

Navneet is a VP with Deutche Bank. He uses Talkoot to find new stock ideas related to value investing and then invests in them after his own due diligence. He frequently shares his own ideas with the community.

Day Traders

Mayur Bhai is an professional day trader. He has been trading stocks and FNO for 12 years. He uses Talkoot to share his day trades with community and earn extra money when others profit from his trades.

Swing Traders

Chakri is an independent option trader. He wants to start his own advisory. Talkoot has given him a platform to share his stock ideas with others and build a solid reputation for his independent advisory firm.


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